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RCC celebrates 41st Commencement

On Friday, May 10, at Rappahannock Community College’s 41st Commencement ceremony, college officials bestowed 664 well-earned degrees and certificates on the 505 members of the Class of 2013. Both these numbers considerably exceed the records set at Commencement 2012; as in previous years, they include students who completed their graduation requirements at the end of the Summer and Fall 2012 semesters as well as those who have just completed the Spring semester.


Among the credentials awarded were Associate of Arts and Sciences degrees in Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, and Psychology/Social Worker; and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Business Management, General Engineering: Electronics, General Engineering: Industrial Electricity, Nursing, and Protective Services Technology/Administration of Justice. One-year certificate programs included Administrative Support, Accounting, General Education, Law Enforcement, and Practical Nursing. Career studies certificates were awarded in Administrative Professional, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Culinary Arts, Electrician, Emergency Medical Services, Heating and Air Conditioning, Human Services, Industrial Electricity/Electronics, Leadership in Organizations, Legal Assisting, Medical Coding and Billing Specialist, Microcomputer Applications, Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, and Web Design.

New for this year were the Governor’s Scholar medallions, honoring nine students in RCC’s dual enrollment program who completed an associate degree, a one-year certificate in General Education, or both, before graduating from high school. In addition, the ceremony recognized 42 graduates of RCC’s Adult Education and Middle College programs, who received high school diplomas or GED certificates.


Dr. Crowther

“Beautiful lawn, beautiful day, beautiful graduating class!” said RCC president Dr. Elizabeth Crowther as she welcomed attendees to the open-air ceremony. “This is an exciting time in so many lives.” She praised the hard work and team orientation of all concerned in organizing the event, and thanked faculty and staff members for the “caring, inspiring, and supporting” that helped bring the Class of 2013 to the realization of their goals.

Several guests of honor joined Dr. Crowther and Dr. Donna Alexander, RCC’s vice president of instruction and student development, on the platform. RCC’s dean of technology and distance education, Leslie Smith, accepted the rare honor of serving both as the keynote speaker and as the bearer of the ceremonial mace. Larry Schools, pastor of Ephesus Baptist Church in Dunnsville (Essex County), pronounced the invocation and benediction. Gerald B. Roane, chair of the RCC College Board, and the vice-chair, Stephen M. Tucker, were also present, as was Class of 2013 representative Meagan Gay. Several members of RCC’s College Board and of the RCC Educational Foundation Board, as well as RCC Professors Emeriti Catherine Courtney, George Heffernan, and Dr. Norman Howe, attended the ceremony as members of the audience. Also, for the first time at an RCC Commencement, the State Board for Community Colleges sent a representative (LaVonne Ellis).


Meagan Gay

After acknowledging the accomplishments of her fellow graduates, class representative Meagan Gay introduced Dean Leslie Smith, who began as an RCC instructor in Fall 1973, when the Warsaw Campus was new. At the time she taught secretarial science, business machines, and business management, but she later added accounting and information technology courses; in 1996, she was asked to supervise the technology department, which then had just two employees. Under her leadership and the stimulus of twenty-first-century innovation, it has grown and developed to become the basic substructure that supports all the services and curricula that RCC offers to its students, its employees, and the community.

“In 1973,” said Smith, “the most advanced technology we had was the IBM Selectric. That was ‘state of the art’ for us.” Through all the advances that have occurred since then, she has remained aware that “the tool doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to use it and be productive with it.” She has always worked with her staff to make the best technology available to the college, and credits them with much of her success: “If you surround yourself with great people, great things will happen to you.”


Dean Leslie Smith

Smith’s advice to the current graduates was to live by the three Ps: pride, passion, and proactivity. Pride in a job well done, she noted, was something that would sustain them in any difficulties they met, whether they transferred to another college or went directly into the workforce; and entwined with that pride must be a passion for whatever they worked at. “I have always been passionate about my job . . . even the challenges,” she said. “The only thing that kept me going all these years is that I loved what I did.” About the last element, proactivity, she said, “Don’t just let life happen to you! You can’t stand back—you have to move forward.” She ended with a quotation from Will Rogers: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Eight members of the Class of 2013 were called to the podium by College Board chair Gerald Roane to receive medallions recognizing them for graduating summa cum laude (with the highest honor), a distinction awarded only to those maintaining a grade-point average of 3.8 or better. These were: Charlotte Bundy, Leira Carreon, Amanda DiSpirito, Meagan Gay, Alexandra Lyth, Kirsten Minor, Samantha Umphlette, and Alexandra Wright. Also graduating summa cum laude were Susan Baldwin, Nancy Baughan, Lindsay Beale, Kristina Blevins, Joshua Divine, Shelley Flickinger, Bryan Garrison, Joseph Glascock, Holly Jackson, Daniel Jenkins, Randall Kenoyer, Winona Pearson, Brian Pemberton, Rachel Pollard, Alexander Ross, Debra Skirvin, Albert Smith, Ronald Smith, Bernadene Stammer, David Stevens, Leah Therrien, and José Yac; these graduates were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony.



Graduate lists


RCC’s Class of 2013:

Joann Abbate¹, Basheer Abdul-Malik, Courtney Aclan, Cody Adams¹, Kara Adams, Kelly Adams, Laura Adams, Amanda Allison, Betty Allison, Shannon Amos, Makeda Anderson*, William Ange, Kalida Araguz, Megan Ashberry, Kasey Ashburn², Heather Ashe, Angela Ashton, Sierra Ashton¹, Aisha Askew, Glenda Atkins, James Baker, Skyler Baldwin*, Susan Baldwin³, Geri Ball, Keith Ball, Lewis Ball, Anthony Balog, Sophia Bandurco, D’Andre Barbour, James Barker, Mary Barrack, Melanie Barrick², Tina Bartelli¹*, Petra Bassᴮ, Claudia Battle*, Nancy Baughan³, Sandra McNamara, Lindsay Beale³, Lindsey Beaman, Jacqueline Beasley², Lily Beattie, Katarina Beaulac, Stevie Bell², Timothy Benoit, Karen Berry, Alexis Beverley, Noreal Bibbens²*, Laurie Billings, Andrew Blenaruˢ, Kristina Blevins³*, Sheneka Booker, Makayla Boston, Sean Bowles, Wanda Boyd, Jessica Boyer, Zachary Brandt, Melissa Bredlau¹, Jacob Brinkley, Shakeil Bromley, Crystal Brooks, Melinda Brooks, Kervin Brown, Jr., Meagan Brown, Riki Brumley¹, Flora Brunjes, Alice Bryant, Charlotte Bundy³*+, Jesse Bundy, La Toya Bundy, Robin Burford, Alexis Burrell¹, Lawanda Burton, Marguerite Byrd¹, Chelsea Call, Erica Campbell, Angela Cannon, Amber Cantrell, Ruby Cantu, Victoria Carmine², Leira Carreon³♦, Patrick Carroll, Jacqueline Carter, Lizzette Carter², Nita Carter, Rhonda Carter, Zhaleesa Carter, Co’Reia Carter-Noel, Delia Castro, Roberto Castro, Yvonne Chan, Jaehn Charlton, Brian Chase, Jr.¹, Beatriz Chavez, Yekaterina Cheremeteff, Alexandra Clark, Jaime Clark, Cody Clarke, Bland Coker, Brooke Coleᴮ, Christina Coleman, Danielle Coleman, Erlene Coleman, Deondre Colesˢ, John Coles, Aly Collins, Amy Collins, Diane Compagnone, Chelsie Conley, Forrest Conner, Latin Cooke², Tammy Cooke¹, Amanda Cornwell, Laurel Courtney,Jessica Cox, Keith Craftˢ, Jamie Craig, Samantha Creasy, Rachel Crews, Elizabeth Crowell, Monica Croxton, Kelsey Culley, Stephanie Curtis, Josie Custalow²*♦, Ronald Cutting, Lindsey Davenport, Carol Davis, Christopher Davis, Jacqueline Davis²*, Mariah Davis, Emily Dawson²♦, Shelley Dawson*, Christina Deavers²*, Debra Dedman, Carolyn DeGrazia², Taylor Denton, Madeline Dhillon, Lauren DiRago-Duncan²*♦, Amanda DiSpirito³*♦, Joshua Divine³*, Margaret Dixon¹, Matthew Dixon, John Donaldson²*, Jonathan Douglas, James Driscoll, Susan Dunaway, Jarell Dunbar, John Eanes, Brent Edwards, Britni Edwards, Lindsay Edwards, Victoria Ellis, Benjamin Endres, Jonathan English, Catherine Enz, Veronica Epps, Laureana Ess, Jasmine Fauntleroy²*, Angel Faw, Shelley Flickinger³, James Fore II, Catharine Fowle+, Margaret Fox, Willard French², Caitlin Gagnon, Ciera Gaines, Charlotte Gaither, Bryan Garrison³*, Lindsey Gaskins¹, Elizabeth Gates², Mary Gaulding, Meagan Gay³*, Emily Gedicke², Kenneth Giese, Rita-Jane Giese, Kelly Gilliland¹, Kenneth Gladding, Joseph Glascock³, Nathaniel Godeauxˢ, Brittany Godwinˢ, Melanie Goins, Sarah Goodrich, Sarah Gordon, Brian Goudie, Gregory Graham, Carley Graves, Lois Gray, Yolanda Gray, Michael Greeley¹*, Taylor Green, Jaclyn Greene², Matthew Greene, Jessica Grogan¹, Christopher Haislip, Ethan Halberg¹, Rebecca Hallˢ, Lindsey Hamlet, Maggie Harbick, Liana Harbour, William Hardy, Donna Harlow, Kelsey Harper²*, Donnie Harrell¹, William Harrington, Jasmine Harris, Cara Harrison, Charmia Harvey, Jon Hatton, Kimberley Haught, Danniele Hawkins+, Chassiti Hayes, Andrew Heard, Alexandra Hemingway, Sheri Henderson², Melissa Heney, Casey Hill²*, Justice Hill, Christa Hinton, David Hodges, Lynsie Hodges², Mary Hoffman-Crook, Jennifer Hogge¹, Henry Holmes, Ashley Hooperˢ, Karyn Hopkins¹, Laura Hopkins¹, Ashley Horton, Anna Hudgins, Emily Hudgins, Leslie Hudgins², Madeline Hudgins, Raven Hudgins, Phyllis Hudnall, Charlyn Hudson, Jessica Hudson, Jaimi Hughes, Sarah Hundley, Brittany Hunter, Kimberly Irvine, Kari Hollenbeck², Crystal Jacksonᴮ, Deborah Jackson, Dorian Jackson, Holly Jackson³*+, Jasmine Jackson, Latara Jackson, Brooklyn Jarratt, Thomas Jarvis, Charles Jenkins, Daniel Jenkins³*+, Justin Jenkins, Robin Jenkins, Ametria Johnson, Araceli Johnson, Elisha Johnson, James Johnson, Stefanie Johnson, Percy Jones, Kelly Kellum²*, Keyane Kelly, Randall Kenoyer³, Nicholas Kerns, Brittany Kesner, Katelyn Keyser*, Charles King, Angela Knight, Annmarie Krahl, Leslie Krom, Zachary Kues, Ashley Kulina, James Kurtz, Amanda Lacombe², Andrea Lane, Emily Langford, Kayla Langford, Christina Langston, Tre’ Maurice Larimoreˢ, Melinda LaVecchia², Richard Lawrence¹, Evan Ledgerwood, Alexes Lee, Michael Lee, Shanita Lee, Solnett Lee, Jessica Leone, Kristen Leverett¹, Adrienne Lewis¹*, Jacob Lewis, Megan Lewis², Vincent Lewis, Mattie Lillard¹, Megan Lindsey, Luke Longest, Jaclyn Loomis²*, Laurie Loving¹*, Sean Lynch², Alexandra Lyth³*, Ariel Mahoney¹, Thomas Mainwaring, Beatriz Manzo, Vanessa Marion, Dawn Marlow, Timothy Mathis, Jennifer McCaffrey, Kristopher McEwen, Caitlin McGowan, Stephanie McGowan*, Shaquoy McKellar, Roberto Medina¹, Tej Mehta, Alonso Mena, Stephanie Merrill, Natalie Mesco¹*, Davon Miles, Julia Miller, Kirsten Minor³, Morgan Minor, Richard Mitchell, Thomas Moore, Taylor Morgan, Whitney Morgan¹, Zachary Morris, Matthew Morrison*, Ethan Morrow, Karen Mortensen², Clayton Moughon, Leanne Moughon, Amber Mountford, Maria Murillo, Alicamanda Nadeau, Lee Nebrotskieˢ, Dorothy Ness, Terrence Newman, Krystel Nicholasˢ, Whitney Nickens, Lindsey Norman, Victoria Oakley, Victoria O’Bier, Maria Ochoa, Jessica Olmedo, Mary Olson¹*, Danielle Ott, Brittany A. Owens, Brittany F. Owens, Donna Owens², Emily Packett, Selah Packett, David Palmer¹*, Tyler Palmer, Amber Paniagua³, Megan Parker♦, Shekinah Parker, Justin Parks, Charles Pattonˢ, Ashley Payne, DaNeka Payne, Ryan Payne², Winona Pearson³, Brian Pemberton³*, Lauren Perreault, Sharay Peyton, Bridgette Phillips, Robert Piatt², Raquel Pierce¹, Shannon Pierce, Parker Pittman², Katharine Pitts, Kayli Pitts, Markie Pitts, Micheal Plummer*, Linda Polk, Rachel Pollard³, Wanda Pomeroy, Michael Pouchot, Trevor Pultz, Megan Rainier, Kiara Ransome, Nakia Reed, Patrick Renison²*, Anthony Revak¹*, Michele Reynolds, Jeffery Richardson, Barbara Riddle, Stephanie Rivera², Austin Robbins, Sara Robbins, Falon Robertson, Michael Robins, Michael Robins², Brandy Robinson¹, Damitri Robinson, Destiny Robinson, Shanice Rochelle, Whitney Rock, Christel Roden, Andrea Rogers, Olivia Rogers, Rashard Rollins, Hether Rose, Alexander Ross³♦, Alyssa Ross♦, Amelia Ross², Deborah Ross, Emily Rothery, Sara Rowe, Christin Rowland, Ashley Ruppert, Samantha Rutter, Crystal Sandy, Ashley Saunders, Lamar Saunders, James Scates, Jennifer Scheid, Alan Schexnayder¹, Madison Schneider, Olivia Schools¹, Grace Schroeder, Jillian Schuck, Bonnie Schuster, Edwin Scott, Tanesha Scott, Tina Scott, Travis Scott, Amber Seay, Michelle Seldon, Jolene Self, Lauren Selph¹, Lauren Shackelford, Kristin Shahan¹, Wyatt Shaw, Zachary Shields, Caitlyn Sibley²*, Courtney Sibley²*, Kathryn Skelton¹, Isaiah Skinner, Debra Skirvin³*, Stacey Skjoldager¹, Albert Smith³, Caleb Smith, Jr., Charlene Smith, Edna Smith, Jordan Smith, Loren Smith²♦, Naomi Smith², Nicholas Smith, Ronald Smith³, Steven Smith+, Tiffany Smith*, Tineshiai Smith, Melissa Sneed²*, Rebecca Snell¹, Leeann Southworth²*, Samuel Spadaccini*, Jane Spencer*, Jennifer Spring, Bernadene Stammer³*, Ashley Stanbrook¹, Cameron-Ann Standish²*, Dana Stevens², David Stevens³, Emily Stevens, Caroline Stewart, Jonathan Stewart, Danielle Stokes, Eric Stoudt, Breana Sumiel, Kelly Swain, Mary Tate¹*, Justin Taylor, Kathryn Taylor, Scott Taylor, Shamerah Taylor, Taishonna Taylor, Tamara Taylor, Leah Therrien³*, Jonathan Thomas, Jasmine Thompson, Nahazla Thompson, Quinton Thompson, Tyasia Thompson, Brittany Thornton, Terry Tignor, Savannah Tilghman, Jacqueline Toms, Harley Trammell, Hannah Travis, Jennifer Trovato¹, Lauren Trumpower, Austin Tucker, Erika Turley, Isabelle Turner, Kenneth Turner, Matthew Twist², Amber Umphlette, Kelly Umphlette¹*, Samantha Umphlette³*, Anthony VanZant, Carol Veney, Nathan Verser, Kasey Von Engel, Nicholas Von Engel¹, Derek Wade¹, Dorothy Walker, Jesse Wallace, JaLisa Waller²*, Jamie Walters¹, Emily Walton, Jordan Walton, Melody Waltz¹, Darshia Ward, Amber Weakley¹*, Rachael Webb², Amber Weeksˢ, Jasmin Wells, Mercedes Wells, Owen Wenner, Bette White, Stacie Wiatt, Olivia Wilder²*, Ashley Williams, Brandi Williams, Melissa Williams¹, Serena Williams, Tiffany Willis, Ann Wilson, Claudia Wilson, Kayla Wilson, Patricia Wilson, Peyton Winston, Lauren Winter, Garrett Withers, Samuel Wood, Christopher Woodsᴮ, Carrie Worden*, Alexis Wormley, Alexandra Wright³*+, Christopher Wright, Ernest Wright²*, Emma Wygant, Joshua Wyne, Chanetta Wynn, Jose Yac³*, James Yarrington, Jr., Donald Young, Ruth Young, Miguel Zamora¹, Gary Zapel¹, and Courtney Zedek.


¹cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.2 to 3.49

²magna cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.5 to 3.79

³summa cum laude— requires a grade-point average of 3.8 or above


*Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

+Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges

♦ Governor’s Scholar


ᴳCareer Studies Certificate: Gold

ˢCareer Studies Certificate: Silver

ᴮCareer Studies Certificate: Bronze



RCC graduates listed by locality


Colonial Beach:

Courtney Aclan, Jessica Boyer, Brian Chase, Jr.¹, Beatriz Chavez, Laureana Ess, Kenneth Giese, Rita-Jane Giese, Carley Graves, Cara Harrison, Jessica Hudson, Kimberly Irvine, Deborah Jackson, Ashley Kulina, Mattie Lillard¹, Sandra McNamara, Terrence Newman, Maria Ochoa, Bridgette Phillips, Katharine Pitts, Sara Rowe, Melissa Sneed²*, and Kenneth Turner.


Essex County:

Laura Adams, Lewis Ball, Nancy Baughan³, Makayla Boston, Crystal Brooks, La Toya Bundy, Charlotte Bundy³*+, Lawanda Burton, Alexandra Clark, Jaime Clark, Cody Clarke, Laurel Courtney, Lindsey Davenport, Jonathan Douglas, Victoria Ellis, Jasmine Fauntleroy²*, Angel Faw, Ciera Gaines, Kenneth Gladding, Kimberley Haught, Crystal Jacksonᴮ, James Johnson, Stefanie Johnson, Emily Langford, Kayla Langford, Evan Ledgerwood, Jaclyn Loomis²*, Laurie Loving¹*, Vanessa Marion, Ethan Morrow, Brittany F. Owens, Selah Packett, Kayli Pitts, Micheal Plummer*, Michele Reynolds, Brandy Robinson¹, Rashard Rollins, Emily Rothery, Madison Schneider, Olivia Schools¹, Travis Scott, Kathryn Skelton¹, Tiffany Smith*, Emily Stevens, Danielle Stokes, Mary Tate¹*, Taishonna Taylor, Jonathan Thomas, Jasmine Thompson, Amber Umphlette, Kelly Umphlette¹*, Samantha Umphlette³*, Derek Wade¹, and Christopher Woodsᴮ.


Gloucester County:

Joann Abbate¹, Kara Adams, Cody Adams¹, Aisha Askew, Tina Bartelli¹*, Lily Beattie, Kristina Blevins³*, Zachary Brandt, Melissa Bredlau¹, Melinda Brooks, Flora Brunjes, Alexis Burrell¹, Angela Cannon, Victoria Carmine², Nita Carter, Yekaterina Cheremeteff, Diane Compagnone, Forrest Conner, Jamie Craig, Stephanie Curtis, Amanda DiSpirito³*♦, Joshua Divine³*, Jarell Dunbar, Britni Edwards, Benjamin Endres, Catherine Enz, James Fore II, Bryan Garrison³*, Emily Gedicke², Gregory Graham, Michael Greeley¹*, Jaclyn Greene², Jessica Grogan¹, Liana Harbour, Kelsey Harper²*, Chassiti Hayes, Sheri Henderson², Henry Holmes, Holly Jackson³*+, Daniel Jenkins³*+, Nicholas Kerns, Annmarie Krahl, James Kurtz, Amanda Lacombe², Tre’ Maurice Larimoreˢ, Michael Lee, Jessica Leone, Megan Lewis², Vincent Lewis, Thomas Mainwaring, Jennifer McCaffrey, Caitlin McGowan, Alonso Mena, Taylor Morgan, Matthew Morrison*, Karen Mortensen², Lee Nebrotskieˢ, Krystel Nicholasˢ, Lindsey Norman, Winona Pearson³, Robert Piatt², Parker Pittman², Linda Polk, Rachel Pollard³, Patrick Renison²*, Anthony Revak¹*, Barbara Riddle, Sara Robbins, Christel Roden, Olivia Rogers, Deborah Ross, Christin Rowland, Jillian Schuck, Lauren Shackelford, Isaiah Skinner, Caleb Smith, Jr., Naomi Smith², Steven Smith+, Bernadene Stammer³*, Ashley Stanbrook¹, Dana Stevens², Justin Taylor, Brittany Thornton, Jacqueline Toms, Harley Trammell, Jennifer Trovato¹, Matthew Twist², Anthony VanZant, Kasey Von Engel, Nicholas Von Engel¹, Jamie Walters¹, Melody Waltz¹, Amber Weeksˢ, Jasmin Wells, Owen Wenner, Bette White, Ashley Williams, Brandi Williams, Serena Williams, Ann Wilson, Claudia Wilson, Lauren Winter, Samuel Wood, Alexandra Wright³*+, Emma Wygant, and Joshua Wyne.


King and Queen County:

Shannon Amos, Kalida Araguz, Karen Berry, Jesse Bundy, Danielle Coleman, Melanie Goins, Jasmine Harris, Charmia Harvey, Charles King, Angela Knight, Richard Lawrence¹, Luke Longest, Charles Pattonˢ, Megan Rainier, Stacey Skjoldager¹, Jesse Wallace, Chanetta Wynn, and Ruth Young.


King George County:

Amanda Allison, James Baker, James Barker, Stevie Bell², Laurie Billings, Leira Carreon³♦, Patrick Carroll, Christina Deavers²*, Carolyn DeGrazia², Lauren DiRago-Duncan²*♦, Shelley Flickinger³, Willard French², Charlotte Gaither, Elizabeth Gates², Meagan Gay³*, Nathaniel Godeauxˢ, Danniele Hawkins+, Alexandra Hemingway, Shaquoy McKellar, Julia Miller, Tyler Palmer, Wyatt Shaw, Jordan Smith, Nicholas Smith, Eric Stoudt, Austin Tucker, and Rachael Webb².


King William County:

Emily Dawson²♦, Christina Langston, Brian Pemberton³*, Alexander Ross³♦, Alyssa Ross♦, and Ashley Ruppert.


Lancaster County:

Kasey Ashburn², Mary Barrack, Sean Bowles, Delia Castro, Roberto Castro, Deondre Colesˢ, Keith Craftˢ, Elizabeth Crowell, Ronald Cutting, Carol Davis, Caitlin Gagnon, Donna Harlow, Kelly Kellum²*, Brittany Kesner, Katelyn Keyser*, Sean Lynch², Ariel Mahoney¹, Dawn Marlow, Stephanie Merrill, Whitney Nickens, Jessica Olmedo, Justin Parks, Kiara Ransome, Falon Robertson, Damitri Robinson, Grace Schroeder, Amber Seay, Lauren Selph¹, Kristin Shahan¹, Edna Smith, Jane Spencer*, Jennifer Spring, Shamerah Taylor, Tamara Taylor, Nahazla Thompson, Tyasia Thompson, Terry Tignor, Hannah Travis, Darshia Ward, and Alexis Wormley.


Mathews County:

Kelly Adams, William Ange, Megan Ashberry, Sophia Bandurco, Petra Bassᴮ, Timothy Benoit, Marguerite Byrd¹, Amber Cantrell, Lizzette Carter², Aly Collins, Amy Collins, Mariah Davis, Taylor Denton, James Driscoll, Brittany Godwinˢ, Rebecca Hallˢ, Maggie Harbick, William Harrington, Christa Hinton, Mary Hoffman-Crook, Ashley Hooperˢ, Karyn Hopkins¹, Anna Hudgins, Emily Hudgins, Leslie Hudgins², Madeline Hudgins, Raven Hudgins, Charlyn Hudson, Thomas Jarvis, Charles Jenkins, Justin Jenkins, Andrea Lane, Kristen Leverett¹, Whitney Morgan¹, Clayton Moughon, Leanne Moughon, Amber Mountford, Alicamanda Nadeau, Dorothy Ness, Victoria Oakley, Brittany A. Owens, Donna Owens², Shekinah Parker, Ashley Payne, Lauren Perreault, Samantha Rutter, Lamar Saunders, Jennifer Scheid, Zachary Shields, Debra Skirvin³*, Charlene Smith, Leeann Southworth²*, Samuel Spadaccini*, Caroline Stewart, Savannah Tilghman, Isabelle Turner, Mercedes Wells, Stacie Wiatt, Ernest Wright²*, and Gary Zapel¹.


Middlesex County:

Heather Ashe, Alexis Beverley, Meagan Brown, Riki Brumley¹, Robin Burford, Erica Campbell, Bland Coker, Brooke Coleᴮ, Christina Coleman, Samantha Creasy, Rachel Crews, Monica Croxton, Matthew Dixon, Susan Dunaway, John Eanes, Lindsay Edwards, Catharine Fowle+, Lindsey Gaskins¹, Sarah Goodrich, Lois Gray, Ethan Halberg¹, Donnie Harrell¹, Jon Hatton, Justice Hill, Jennifer Hogge¹, Latara Jackson, Brooklyn Jarratt, Elisha Johnson, Leslie Krom, Megan Lindsey, Mary Olson¹*, Danielle Ott, Amber Paniagua³, Ryan Payne², Raquel Pierce¹, Trevor Pultz, Stephanie Rivera², Tanesha Scott, Caitlyn Sibley²*, Courtney Sibley²*, Jonathan Stewart, Leah Therrien³*, Erika Turley, JaLisa Waller²*, Emily Walton, Jordan Walton, Olivia Wilder²*, Melissa Williams¹, Tiffany Willis, Carrie Worden*, James Yarrington, Jr., and Courtney Zedek.


New Kent County:

Glenda Atkins, Skyler Baldwin*, Susan Baldwin³, D’Andre Barbour, Lindsey Beaman, Jacob Brinkley, William Hardy, Laura Hopkins¹, Melinda LaVecchia², Timothy Mathis, Tej Mehta, Peyton Winston, and Christopher Wright.


Northumberland County:

Basheer Abdul-Malik, Keith Ball, Claudia Battle*, Wanda Boyd, Shakeil Bromley, Alice Bryant, Jacqueline Carter, Co’Reia Carter-Noel, Jaehn Charlton, Tammy Cooke¹, Kelsey Culley, Shelley Dawson*, John Donaldson²*, Christopher Haislip, Ashley Horton, Phyllis Hudnall, Jaimi Hughes, Robin Jenkins, Araceli Johnson, Zachary Kues, Solnett Lee, Richard Mitchell, Victoria O’Bier, Destiny Robinson, Whitney Rock, Andrea Rogers,Tina Scott, Michelle Seldon, Kathryn Taylor, and Quinton Thompson.


Richmond County:

Geri Ball, Jacqueline Beasley², Zhaleesa Carter, Erlene Coleman, Chelsie Conley, Latin Cooke², Jacqueline Davis²*, Madeline Dhillon, Veronica Epps, Mary Gaulding, Kelly Gilliland¹, Joseph Glascock³, Yolanda Gray, Matthew Greene, Lindsey Hamlet, David Hodges, Lynsie Hodges², Sarah Hundley, Percy Jones, Randall Kenoyer³, Shanita Lee, Adrienne Lewis¹*, Alexandra Lyth³*, Kirsten Minor³, Morgan Minor, Thomas Moore, Emily Packett, Megan Parker♦, Wanda Pomeroy, Nakia Reed, Jeffery Richardson, Shanice Rochelle, Hether Rose, James Scates, Edwin Scott, Jolene Self, Albert Smith³, Ronald Smith³, David Stevens³, Breana Sumiel, Lauren Trumpower, Carol Veney, Dorothy Walker, Amber Weakley¹*, Garrett Withers, Donald Young, and Miguel Zamora¹.


West Point:

Makeda Anderson*, Andrew Blenaruˢ, Josie Custalow²*♦, Christopher Davis, Margaret Dixon¹, Melissa Heney, Casey Hill²*, Stephanie McGowan*, Shannon Pierce, Michael Robins, Michael Robins², Amelia Ross², andLoren Smith²♦.


Westmoreland County:

Betty Allison, Angela Ashton, Sierra Ashton¹, Lindsay Beale³, Noreal Bibbens²*, Sheneka Booker, Kervin Brown, Jr., Ruby Cantu, Yvonne Chan, Jonathan English, Sarah Gordon, Taylor Green, Brittany Hunter, Dorian Jackson, Jasmine Jackson, Ametria Johnson, Keyane Kelly, Alexes Lee, Beatriz Manzo, Roberto Medina¹, Zachary Morris, Maria Murillo, DaNeka Payne, Sharay Peyton, Markie Pitts, Crystal Sandy, Ashley Saunders, Alan Schexnayder¹, Tineshiai Smith, Cameron-Ann Standish²*, Kelly Swain, Scott Taylor, and Patricia Wilson.


Outside RCC’s service area:


Caroline County: Rhonda Carter


Charles City County: Davon Miles and Austin Robbins.


Fredericksburg: Jessica Cox, Debra Dedman, Bonnie Schuster, and Jose Yac³*.


Hampton: John Coles, Jacob Lewis, David Palmer¹*, and Nathan Verser.


Hanover County: Brent Edwards, Brian Goudie, Natalie Mesco¹*, Rebecca Snell¹, and Kayla Wilson.


Henrico County: Anthony Balog and Chelsea Call.


Newport News: Kristopher McEwen and Michael Pouchot.


Northampton County: Amanda Cornwell


Williamsburg: Melanie Barrick², Katarina Beaulac, and Margaret Fox.


York County: Andrew Heard


Outside Virginia: Kari Hollenbeck² of Clackamas, Oregon



¹cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.2 to 3.49

²magna cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.5 to 3.79

³summa cum laude— requires a grade-point average of 3.8 or above


*Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

+Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges

♦ Governor’s Scholar


ᴳCareer Studies Certificate: Gold

ˢCareer Studies Certificate: Silver

ᴮCareer Studies Certificate: Bronze

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