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Psychology professor joins RCC

“I hope students know that I am a student-friendly teacher who wants them to learn course content in a way that enriches their lives and those around them, as well assisting them in reaching their professional and personal goals,” says Dr. Lisa Hill, who recently came to Rappahannock Community College as a member of the psychology faculty. “I hope to work with students as they pursue their goals, whatever they are. I am particularly interested in exposing them to the range of professional opportunities in the social sciences.”

Hill holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tennessee State University, a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Fisk University in Nashville, and a doctorate in developmental psychology from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Before obtaining her doctorate, she served as assistant dean of academic services at the University of Mary Washington, but found that “I did not have as much contact with students as I would have liked. My interactions with students bolstered my desire to learn more about the developmental process, and to conduct research that would shed more light on assisting young people in obtaining optimal developmental outcomes.”

Hill’s doctoral studies not only furthered this end, but introduced her to “Preparing Future Faculty,” a program that “piqued my interest in teaching as well.” A five-year stint as a professor at Hampton University allowed her to continue and expand the research she undertook for her dissertation, which examined the relationship between spirituality and psychosocial outcomes. “I am happy to say that I have assisted many students to go on graduate school,” she says. “I hope to similarly assist students at RCC in achieving their goals”—whether they wish to transfer to a four-year institution or advance to a better job. Her most rewarding teaching experiences have been, she says, “to have students communicate to me how much they learned from the classes, and also to share with me how I assisted them in the learning process.” She adds, “I also appreciate it when students who have moved on to the next step in their professional journey contact me to share their accomplishments.”

Now living in Fredericksburg, Hill is a native of Spotsylvania County. She was the founding president of the youth council at Spotsylvania’s Piney Branch Baptist Church, and still works with the church’s youth programs. “In any spare time I can find, I love to read, jog, and spend time with my family,” she says. Her eleven brothers and sisters were one source of her interest in psychology, due to “an early desire to learn more about the individual differences in personality exhibited by my siblings.”

4 Responses to “Psychology professor joins RCC”

  1. Holly Carter says:


  2. Je'Marc Morton says:

    Dr. Hill
    I look forward to seeing how you intend to challenge my mind. I am excited and enjoying your class and look to grasp so much from you.

  3. Kayla Wilson says:

    Welcome to the team!Your class is very straightforward and I’ve learned a lot from you so far!!!

  4. Julie Poe says:

    Hi Dr. Hill,
    Welcome to RCC and welcome back to Spotsy area. I live in King George area and am in the AA transfer degree program for Psychology/Social Work, attending classes in Warsaw. I look forward to speaking with you in regards to this program.

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