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Kilmarnock Center hosts RCC Convocation

Rappahannock Community College’s April 30 Convocation, held at the new Kilmarnock Center, made use of several local businesses to provide breakout sessions as well as refreshments. Steve Kancianic of Yours Truly Photography gave a short course on digital photography, and fitness counselor Suzanne Best led two yoga sessions; also, the Carwash Café catered a delicious breakfast and lunch. Kicking off the afternoon seminars was a line dancing celebration in the Chesapeake Commons parking lot, organized by Warsaw Campus receptionist Shirley Johnson.

RCC Kilmarnock Center hosts college convocation

RCC Kilmarnock Center hosts college convocation

RCC staff members who made presentations included “Blackboard” coordinator Tim Hoffman, speaking about the Microsoft OneNote program, and the Blackboard online grading system; human resources manager Caroline Stelter, who gave information on faculty promotion and employment benefits; and English professor Glenda Lowery and math instructor Bob Parker, with a report on the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) English/Math Redesign initiative. Jason Perry, RCC’s vice president of workforce development, gave a talk titled “Workforce—Tying Things Together”; dean of institutional effectiveness Dr. Karen Newtzie moderated a faculty discussion on ways to assess and improve student learning, which was sponsored by RCC’s Institutional Effectiveness Council; and webmaster Michael Greene spoke about “Making Work Easier with iRCC” (an internal web-based communication and scheduling system).

In addition, several outside experts contributed their ideas. Mary Savage, attending from the offices of the VCCS, spoke on campus safety; and Apple representative Jack Burns explained how best to use the iPad.

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