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Its that time of year again . . .


With final examinations and projects approaching, the Library wants to remind you that we’re here to assist you with your academic endeavors!

In the 21st century libraries are about so much more than just books. Libraries, our Library for that matter, holds the keys to a vast host of information all conveniently compiled, organized, and stored digitally in academic databases or e-journals.  These databases, and there are quite a few, range from topics such as metallurgy and agriculture, to nursing, biology, evolution, and ecology.

Interested in writing about the environment? Check out GreenFile. Provided by EbscoHost, GreenFile will provide you with information regarding human impact on our environment. But, maybe you’re looking for something more tangible, something you can take home with you and hold in your hand . . . search our catalog. A basic search using the keyword “environment” yields over 1200 results with items on both campuses and eBooks.

Environment aside, maybe you want to expound on human evolution. We have a resource for you: Becoming Human. Powered by the Institute of Human Origins, this source will provide you with news in human evolution, resources, a timeline, and a learning center.

It could also be that you’re not sure what you want to write/present about. Maybe you want to talk about something abstract, or maybe you want to cover one of the most pressing topics of the day. Opposing Viewpoints might be an excellent resource for you. Powered by Gale Cengage Learning, Opp. V. is a comprehensive, regularly updated, compilation of media relating to the hot button issues of the day. The scope of information provided to you, with ideas and opinion from all points in the spectrum, are invaluable. Whether you have a paper to write, or you’re simply experiencing a case of intellectual curiosity, visit Opposing Viewpoints for a comprehensive explanation and analysis.

Another staple in an undergraduates diet is the Congressional Quarterly, otherwise known as CQ Researcher. The CQ Researcher is a Congressionally funded resource that reports on a variety of topics on a regular basis. It’s an excellent resource for research papers, argumentative essays, or just an informative read. Like Opp. V. it might be an excellent place for you to browse topics if you’re still unsure of what you might write on.

All of these resources are found on the Library website under the Database tab. A list of the most frequently used can be found on the right side of the page under “popular resources.” Be sure to consult Library staff with any questions you may have. We will be more than glad to show you how a resource is used, and provide whatever help we might in finding you the most up-to-date, accurate information, possible.

Just remember,  we’re still a Library and the stacks can be a great resource – don’t let their enormity turn you away from searching through them, there are real gems in there, and besides help is only a call away.

Be sure to see our list of Subject Guides as well for links to popular, scholarly reviewed, websites, appropriate databases, and call numbers to browse through.

Bona Fortuna!

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