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First phase of renovation complete at RCC-Glenns

“It’s truly transformational,” says Rappahannock Community College president Dr. Elizabeth Crowther of the recently completed Phase One renovations to the Student Commons and student service area at RCC’s Glenns Campus. “It’s one of the best things that has ever happened for the students and the college. This renovation gives face to the fact that RCC offers a full college experience.” She added, “And it’s a shot in the arm for the faculty and staff, who haven’t stopped smiling!”

RCC Renovation

RCC Renovation

Student feeling was summed up by one young man entering the Commons, who stopped in his tracks to utter, “Awesome!” Clockwise from top left are seven views of the renovated area: the main entrance; the hallway just inside it, running along the suite of faculty and counseling offices; one of the “privacy alcoves” where students can study quietly away from conversation and games; a lounge area where students can sit down comfortably with their laptops (the entire campus has wi-fi connectivity); Dr. Crowther enjoying a game of ping-pong; a booth for students who want to work or converse in pairs; and the game area, with adjacent tables for larger groups of students.

Dr. Crowther intends to host an Open House soon to allow the public to enjoy the new look at the Glenns Campus. The Warsaw Campus has been undergoing similar renovations, which are scheduled for completion in the near future. Both campuses will then move on to Phase Two, which will involve a thorough overhaul of each location’s health and science labs and classrooms, including advanced computer simulation technology.

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