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Banned Books, a thought:

When you work behind the desk of a library it’s hard to imagine what things would be like if you could no longer request to read any piece of literature you so desired. Libraries are all about freedom of information. No matter what you ask for, it’s our duty to assist you with your research, or at least point you in the right direction. Intellectual curiosity is to be upheld, not squashed. Yet, in today’s world of instant information and social networking, a world where privacy is shrinking away, there are still those who would challenge your right to read/learn whatever you so wish.

The American Library Association (ALA), through its Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) keeps track of such challenges. In 2009 the most challenged book was a unique one, the first ever young adult novel written in instant message format, titled ttyl by Lauren Myracle.  Challenged for issues such as nudity, sexually explicit material, and offensive language, the book is one of many recently challenged. Other books include Tango Makes Three challenged for homosexual content,Perks of being a wallflower also challgened for homosexual content, but also offensive language, anti family sentiment, and religious viewpoints. Twilight even hits the list being viewed as sexually explicit, at odds with religion, and unsuited toward its target age group.

Topping the list for the most frequently challenged book of the decade is the entire Harry Potter series. No surprise.

While most challenged book do not become banned, the threat of censorship is still out there. To continue to raise awareness of this threat the ALA sponsors a Banned Book Week to remind individuals of the days when books were pulled from shelves at the whims of some, often to the detriment of others. Just as this post is to remind you that this library serves to provide you with the most information so that you may continue to read and learn, uninihbited.

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