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Religion Research Guide

Books and Encyclopedias:

Look for these call numbers in the stacks!

BL: Religions, Mythology, Rationalism

BM: Judaism

BP: Islam, Baha’ism, Theosophy

BQ: Buddhism

BR: Christianity

BS: The Bible

Keywords: religion, name of religion, religious figures name, name of religious holiday, name of religious sect, name of religious event, name of holy place, name of religious doctrine, name of religious rite, name of religious text

Oxford Reference Online Premium (VIVA) Oxford’s comprehensive online tool for research in a multitude of topics.


In our Collection:

Koran (Qu’ran)

Glenns: BP 109 2004

The Torah (The five books of Moses)

Glenns & Warsaw: BS 1223 1963

The Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha

Glenns:BS 191.A1 1965.N4

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Third Edition

Glenns Reference: BR 95.08 1997

Holy Bible

Glenns Reference: BS 185.N269x

The Holy Bible: Revised Standard version containing the Old and New Testaments

Warsaw: BS 191.A1 1952.N4

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Glenns & Warsaw Reference: BX 8525.7.J64 1993


Journal Databases:

Religion and Philosophy Collection (VIVA) Theology and philosophical studies, full text resources.


Newspaper Databases:

Access World News (RCC, Full Text) Search newspapers and magazines from across the country and through the decades.

Newspaper Source Plus (VIVA) National and international newspapers, TV and radios news transcripts.


Other Resources:

Citing Sources


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