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Psychology Research Guide

Books and Encyclopedias:

Look for these call numbers in the stacks!

BF: General Psychology

BF 173.175.5: Psychoanalysis

BF 176-176.5: Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF: 712-724.85: Developmental Psychology

Keywords: psychology, psychologist, type of psychology, condition name, drug name, psychologist name, psychopathy, psychological treatment, treatment name, psychological terms, psychological conditions

Oxford Reference Online Premium (VIVA) Oxford’s comprehensive online tool for research in a multitude of topics.


In our Collection:

DSM-IV-TR: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: fourth edition

Glenns & Warsaw Reference: RC 455.2.C4.D536 2000


Journal Databases:

APA PsycBooks (Full Text) American Psychology Association.

Clinical Pharmacology Use to learn about specific medicines, see medcounselor sheets, and IV comparisons, etc.

Health Source Consumer Edition Consumer Health Resources.

JAMA On-line version of the Journal of the American Medical Association with abstracts of articles from the printed version.

PsycArticles (Full Text) Psychology journals.

PsycBooks American Psychological Association (APA) Books.  (Full Text)

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection Search for articles on Psychology and Behavioral Science.

PsycINFO Comprehensive database including abstracts and some full text with research dating from 1887.


Newspaper Databases:

Access World News (RCC, Full Text) Search newspapers and magazines from across the country and through the decades.

Newspaper Source Plus (VIVA) National and international newspapers, TV and radios news transcripts.


Internet Resources:

American Psychological Association (APA)  Scientific and professional association for psychology.

PsychCentral Mental Health and Psychology Resources.

Social Psychology Network Web site devoted to psychological research and teaching.


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