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ITE- Essentials

Books and Encyclopedias:

Book collections: In addition to books on the library shelves you will find many relevant “ebooks”—books available via Internet— listed in the RCC catalog.

e-Book Collections:  Click here to get access to all the e-book collections!

 Safari Books Online, part of the ebook collection, focuses on computer/ IT subjects—and has just about every “Dummies” book that has been published!

Look for these call numbers in the stacks!

HF5548:  User Guides for Computer Programs  (using Word; Microsoft Office Suite; Excel)

QA76:     Computer Programs and Information Technology (Javascript, Vista, WindowsXP)

TK5105:  Internet  (Web design)

Keywords:   word processing; names of specific products, companies,  programs, databases

Oxford Reference Online Premium (VIVA) Oxford’s comprehensive online tool for research in a multitude of topics.


Journal Databases:

Associates Programs Source Designed specifically for community colleges with sources pertinent to associate degree programs.

ACM (Association For Computing Machinery) All computer science topics; full-text journals.

Computers and Applied Sciences Complete Articles about computers and the applied sciences; full-text.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library Find articles about computer processing, engineering, networking, power, and energy engineering, etc


Newspaper Databases:

Access World News (RCC, Full Text) Search newspapers and magazines from across the country and through the decades.

Newspaper Source Plus (VIVA) National and international newspapers, TV and radios news transcripts.


Internet Resources:

FOLDOC- Free Online Dictionary of Computing: Searchable dictionary of acronyms, operating systems, etc.  From the Imperial College Department of Computing, London Public Library).  Internet sites checked and selected by librarians– sites you can trust.  Useful for any topic under the sun, including computer issues of all kinds.

Pew Internet: Reports that explore the impact of the internet on families, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and political life.  From the Pew Research Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan “fact tank.”   (perhaps some good material for a speech…)

Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support.  Includes a pronunciation guide  (e.g. MySQL is pronounced:  my ess Q L.)


Other Resources:

Atomic Learning Provides short, mini-tutorials for learning about many different software programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google apps, Photoshop, iMovie,etc.).  Free to all RCC students and their families.  Requires Quicktime on your computer for video tutorials.

Coursecasts Podcasts that help with learning many technology applications.

Elluminate Web conferencing system that allows students to interact with their instructor in real time.  If your instructor is using Elluminate, you will be required to download and install some software prior to your first session.  This is a one-time only download and takes up to 1 hour to download on a dial-up modem.  To get started, please visit

iTunes U Connect with RCC through iTune University. Keep Learning everywhere.


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