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Chemistry Research Guide

Books and Encyclopedias

Look for these call numbers in the stacks!

QD: 71-142 Analytical 
QD: 450-731 Physical and Theoretical 
QD: 146-197 Inorganic 
QD: 901-999 Crystallography 
QD: 241-441 Organic 
TP: Chemical Technology

Keywords: chemistry, subjects about chemistry, chemical bonds, types of chemistry, elements, compounds

Oxford Reference Online Premium (VIVA) Oxford’s comprehensive online tool for research in a multitude of topics.


Journal Databases:

Academic Search Premier (Full Text) Comprehensive scholarly multi-disciplinary database.

American Chemical Society (Search through journals about the varieties of chemistry and view books by the ACS.  Articles with abstracts can be requested through interlibrary loan.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics ( Full Text) The online source for the most recent edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Environment Complete (Full Text) Search for articles about environmental science.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Search for abstracts about environmental sciences as collected by Cambridge University.

Greenfile (Fulltext) covers all aspects of human impact on the environment.

MasterFILE Premier (Full Text) Contains over 500 reference books, nearly 1,700 reference resources, and over 160,000 primary source documents.

Nature An International Weekly Journal of Science, browse articles, view podcasts, watch videos, and catch news specials.

Newsbank (Full Text) Search newspapers and magazines from across the country and through the decades.

Science Resource Center Full Text science database covering chemistry topics.

Today’s Science Facts on File database designed specifically for students and classroom work.

Wiley InterScience Scientific, technical and medical resources.


Newspaper Databases:

Access World News (RCC, Full Text) Search newspapers and magazines from across the country and through the decades.

Newspaper Source Plus (VIVA) National and international newspapers, TV and radios news transcripts.


Internet Resources:

ChemCompass: search this site if you’re inquiring about specific companies or chemicals. Or, simply browse the information provided.

Chemistry Quick Facts: This site opens to a makeshift periodical of elements. Select the element name to open a host of information. You can also research metals, rare earth elements, alkali metals, etc.

Chemistry Index: a collection of free to use databases provided by Freie Universitat Berlin: remember to select English as your language choice!


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