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Printing at RCC

Rappahannock Community College utilizes a campus print system called WEPA (pronounced “Wee-Pah”) , Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere.  WEPA offers the ability to load/send  documents from any location (i.e. personal computers, labs, libraries) and print  documents at any WEPA Printing Kiosk on campus.  Users can also print documents directly from their USB at any WEPA station.  The WEPA kiosks can be found in the campus libraries, success lab and student lounges.

Following are options to print to a Kiosk:

If you are a current RCC student, you already have an account.  You can Login with your myRCC  email address (not just the username) and password at the WEPA website.

You will need to add funds to your account with a debit or credit card.

Note *A WEPA account is not required if using a USB drive to print directly from a WEPA kiosk.

How to Print to a WEPA Kiosk

Printing from an RCC success lab computer

RCC success lab computers have WEPA print drivers installed, which allows you to select WEPA as the printer. In the success labs, click the Print button in your application, select the WEPA printer (WEPA B/W or WEPA Color), enter your WEPA username and password.  Then go to a WEPA kiosk to pick up and pay.

Printing using a USB drive at a WEPA kiosk

Insert a USB drive containing your files into the WEPA print kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Printing from your personal computer

Download the WEPA print drivers from the WEPA website. Then, click the Print button in your application, select the WEPA printer (WEPA B/W or WEPA Color), and go to a WEPA kiosk to pick up and pay. All WEPA printing on your computer goes to your WEPA account – keep this in mind if a friend uses your computer.

Printing from anywhere else

Lets say you’re using a friend’s computer that is set to use his/her WEPA account, or a public computer that isn’t set up for WEPA printing. You can still print by uploading documents into your online WEPA account. This option works with a limited number of file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. File size cannot exceed 20 MB.

If you prefer, a WEPA pay for print card can be purchased from the business offices or in the libraries  in $2 or $5 denominations.  A charge of 30 cents will be added for the cost of the card.

Black and white print jobs will be 10 cents per page and color print jobs will be 50 cents per page.


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