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Students, faculty, and staff can access all their online services through a portal called myRCC.  This portal provides single logon access to the SIS as well as Blackboard and Student Email. With the self-service features students can update directory information and manage passwords.

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What is MyRCC?

Be sure that you are using a current browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (Safari 5  for Mac.).


As soon as a student is admitted to Rappahannock Community College, various accounts for system access are established.

1. Each student will be provided an emplid, a seven digit number used by the Student Information System (SIS) to uniquely identify each person. For security purposes, we do not use social security numbers as our primary identifier. An example might be 0293841.

2. Each student will be provided a unique Blackboard/Gmail username. It is normally a short series of letters including your initials and a series of numbers. An example might be abc123. This username provides access to Blackboard (Bb) and Gmail. Passwords are initially the birthdate stored in the SIS. To log in, go to RCC’s homepage and click on myRCC. The following video shows how to log in.

3. The first time myRCC is used, a NEW password must be established. The system will direct you through a few short steps and then access to Bb, SIS and Gmail will be provided.

How do I login?

You can now access all your college services.

To view a short tutorial on how to use the myRCC portal, click here.

What if the myRCC website is down?

If you can’t get the myRCC single signon to open from the RCC website, you can login to the individual resources by going to the direct link. This is only suggested if the website is not available.

What is my username?

If you have previously used Blackboard or Student Email, you will use the same username. If you do not know your username, you can look it up using your Emplid or social security number and other identifying information. Please Note: Your Username is NOT your Emplid!

For user name and password assistance, please go to the VCCS Online Help System at

end an email to with a subject line of Username Help.

What is my password?

Current and Former Students:
If you have previously used Blackboard or Student Email, use your current password.

New Students:
After completing the online application for admission, you will be given a temporary password that will be used to log in to myRCC.  Within twenty-four hours of completing your application, you should be able to log in.

Students are required to change their password the first time they log in to myRCC. Your password is a secret phrase that you should not share with anyone; it protects the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Select a strong password that is easy for you to remember, but very difficult for someone else to guess. Click here for guidance on selecting a strong password.

After changing your password you will be required to provide a security question. When creating a security question, we strongly recommend using a question that has a one-word answer.  Answers are case sensitive.

Need help changing your password? View password help.

For password problems, please send an email to with a subject line of Password Help.

What if I can’t remember my password?

Send an email to to have your password reset.

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