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Blackboard Collaboration

Blackboard Collaborate

What is it?

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing system that is fully integrated into Blackboard Learn to allow students to interact with their instructor in real time.  Many instructors in our distance learning program use this program to facilitate online office hours, but it lends itself to any synchronous online activity. If your instructor is using Collaborate, you will need to download and install some software prior to your first session.  This is a one-time only download.

To get started, please visit Blackboard Support – System Check.  If you have difficulty downloading the software, contact the distance learning office at

Did you know, there really IS an app for that?  Check out details here> Blackboard Mobile Collaboration.  Find it on the App Store.

Essentials for Participants(web guide)

Common Troubleshooting Tips(pdf)

Participant Guides

Blackboard Collaborate Participant Orientation (video)
Getting_Started_with_Collaborate_Quick_Reference_Guide (pdf)
Audio Setup Wizard (pdf)
Introduction to the Participant Panel (pdf)
Using the Audio and Video Pannel (pdf)
Using the Chat tool (pdf)
Using the Whiteboard (pdf)
Intro to the Whiteboard (session recording)
Using the Polling Feature (pdf)
Using Web Tour (pdf)
Intro to Web Tour (session recording)
Getting Started with Recordings (pdf)

Blackboard IM

What is This?

Blackboard IM is a stand-alone instant messaging program by the Blackboard company.  It is not, however, integrated into the Blackboard Learn application.  This means it will install its own software, and maintain its own security (passwords).  You can Start the account creation process within Blackboard Learn, but after you create your account and install the software, the program will be usable whether or not you are actually logged into Blackboard.  Please note,  the password will not automatically synchronize with your VCCS Blackboard Learn password – it must be maintained separately.

What Blackboard IM gives you is the ability to reach your instructors or classmates at a moment’s notice in real time, either with text chats, voice calls, or full collaborative tools such as screen sharing and digital white boards.

Student_Guide_Blackboard_Instant_Messenger (pdf)

IM_Getting_Started (pdf)
IM_Audio_and_Video_Quick_Reference (pdf)
IM_Chat_and_Group_Chat_Quick_Reference (pdf)
IM_Collaboration_Quick_Reference (pdf)
IM_Managing_Contacts_Quick_Reference (pdf)
Using BBIM Office Hours – Student Guide  (pdf)

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