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Blackboard Learn (or simply called Blackboard) is RCC’s online course management system for students.  Students will be able to view course announcements, syllabi and assignments in the Blackboard system.  Students may also communicate directly with their instructors or each other through Blackboard’s discussion boards and tie-in with the VCCS Email system.

All students are loaded into Blackboard at least one week before the start of classes for each semester.  Students can access the Blackboard system by logging into the myRCC single signon. If you login to Blackboard and do not see your course(s) listed under the “My Blackboard Courses” make sure that your course is listed in the Student Information System.  If you can log into the myRCC portal, but not into the Blackboard Learn application, the VCCS may not have created your account quite yet.

The VCCS will only create a Blackboard Account AFTER a student has registered to take at least one class.  The account will be created the night of the registration and be ready for use by the next morning.  A Blackboard course will only appear to students AFTER they are enrolled (within 24 hours of registration in SIS) AND  once the instructor has made it available – typically on the first day of the semester.

Instructors are required to make their courses available by the first day the class meets, although they may make their classes available sooner if they so choose.  Your official enrollment is located in the Student Information System (SIS). If the course has started and you do not see the Blackboard course in your listing, please email the RCC Helpdesk at Keep in mind that new enrollments may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in Blackboard.

All Blackboard courses will have Blackboard FAQ’s as part of the menu listing. Make sure to visit this area if you experience problems.

Blackboard Courses:  How do I …?   For student tutorials on Blackboard 9.1, click here.

Blackboard Login:
Can you log into myRCC but not Blackboard (click here)?
myRCC does not seem to be working> Direct link to Blackboard Login.

NEW!  Blackboard Cloud Tools:

How to Set Up My Blackboard Profile

Video Anywhere Tool
Video Anywhere tool (video)
Getting Started with Video Anywhere (pdf)
How to set up your You Tube Account for Video Anywhere (pdf)
How to Set up your YouTube Account (video)
You Tube Settings and Dashboard (pdf)
YouTube Video Manager (video)
Using the Video Anywhere tool in Blackboard (video)

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Help Videos

Blackboard IM
Blackboard IM is a stand-alone instant messaging program by the Blackboard company – with enhancements. What Blackboard IM gives you is the ability to reach your instructors or classmates at a moment’s notice in real time, either with text chats, voice calls, or full collaborative tools such as screen sharing and digital white boards.   For detailed instructions on how to get started and use IM, please visit Blackboard Collaboration.

Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate is a web conferencing system that allows students to interact with their instructor in real time.  Many instructors in our distance learning program use this program to facilitate online office hours, but it lends itself to any synchronous online activity. For detailed instructions on how to get started and use Collaborate, please visit Blackboard Collaboration.

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