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Applying is an easy process that consists of roughly 4 steps!

1. Apply for Admission into the College

To apply do one of the following:

  • Complete and submit the online application on the college website.
  • Print a copy of the Application for Admission from the college website and mail or fax to the admissions and records office on either campus.
  • Complete the application for admission in the admissions and records office on either campus.

Returning students who have not been enrolled in a credit class at RCC for a period of three (3) years or applicants who applied for admission but did not take a credit class for a one year (3 consecutive terms) period are required to submit a new application.


2. Request official transcripts from your high school and any previous colleges attended

Request official transcripts from your high school and any previous colleges you have attended. If you received a GED you may provide us with a copy of your GED scores. Transcripts are required for students entering the Associate Degree in Nursing program or the Practical Nursing program.

At RCC, opportunities for obtaining college credits are available through Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES), Military Service, and the Police Academy. It is the student’s responsibility to have official records submitted to RCC for evaluation.


3. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available for students who qualify. If you need additional financial resources to assist you with your college expenses, apply for financial aid online. You can also fill out a scholarship application online, then print it and turn it in by the deadline. Grants, scholarships, and on- campus part-time employment opportunities can facilitate your enrollment plans


Take the RCC Placement Test

New students are required to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) before beginning classes. The placement test will assess your ability in reading, writing, and math.   The VPT is a comprehensive, computer-adaptive test designed to help place students into appropriate courses needed to ensure student success.

The VPT has two parts, English and Mathematics.  The English part of the test consists of an essay and 30 multiple choice questions.  The essay is weighted more heavily, and it is important for students to do their best work.  The math part of the test consists of questions and multiple choice answers.  An online calculator is provided.  Because both parts of the test are important, students are encouraged to use the review materials and take the practice tests first to prepare and do as well as possible.

Allow approximately two to three hours for each part of the test. You are allowed and encouraged to take a break in-between tests to ensure that you do your best work. Students may contact the student development office or call 855-557-5308 to schedule an appointment for testing, there is a $5 fee to take the placement test.

Instructions, resources and links to practice tests can be found here.

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You may not have to take this test if you have:

  • Completed a college-level English or math course (with a grade of C or above) at another college which meets the minimum course prerequisites.
  • Taken the SAT with a score that meets the minimum course prerequisite.
  • Taken the ACT with a score that meets the minimum course prerequisite.
  • Taken the placement tests at another Virginia Community College with scores that meet the minimum course prerequisites.

An official transcript, SAT scores or ACT scores must be on file in the admissions and records office.

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