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Summer 2014 Charging Financial Aid and/or Scholarships in the RCC Bookstore

After tuition and fee charges are applied to financial aid awards, if a balance is remaining, students may charge against those funds in the RCC Follett Bookstore. Students are only allowed to charge books and required educational supplies. The student will be personally responsible for any unpaid books/supplies not covered by financial aid.

For the Summer 2014 Semester, students can charge books and/or supplies to financial aid or scholarship awards from May 15, 2014 through May 29, 2014.  For the Summer 2014 Semester, financial aid and scholarship students who receive this literature should go directly to the RCC Follett Bookstore at either campus from May 15th through May 29th, and the bookstore staff will be able to assist you, the student, in charging financial aid for your books and/or supplies. Please adhere to this schedule and note that even if your classes begin in a later summer session (8-Week, 1st 5-Week, 2nd 5-Week Session), you can only charge your books and supplies to financial aid during these specific dates.

Students must know their RCC Student ID number, present any form of picture identification along with a copy of their class schedule (these items are a requirement) to the Bookstore staff.  Students are also to sign a Bookstore Charge Authorization form that is available in the Bookstore. 

Note: Picture identification could include, for example, driver’s license, passport, and/or military ID.

Note: Be sure to check with the RCC Follett Bookstore on Bookstore Hours of Operation.

How to print a class schedule:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My RCC and Log In
  3. Click on VCCS SIS: Student Information System
  4. Under “Enrollment” click on “My Class Schedule”
  5. Make sure you select 2014 Summer and click continue
  6. You will be viewing Summer 2014 Class Schedule
  7. Print

From May 15th through May 29th, Financial Aid students will have the flexibility of ordering their textbooks online for the Summer 2014 Semester through the RCC Bookstore note this process incurs additional shipping charges that will be charged to your financial aid.  Of importance, be sure your address is accurate on the RCC Student Information System (MyRCC) as your mailing address must match the shipping address you give to the RCC Follett Bookstore or your order will be cancelled.  Please review the RCC Follett Bookstore site for details.  To make an address change/update, follow the directions below by logging into MyRCC and click VCCS SIS – Student Information System:  Self Service>Student Center>Personal Information>Mailing Address.

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