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Strategic Planning Timeline – 2010-2011

Date Event
July 16 First Assumptions and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) drafts
July 23 Assumptions and SWOT available to College Community
July 30 2010 RCC Fact Book available on web
August 17 President’s Planning and Advisory Committee (PPAC) meets to revise SWOT, review data
August 17-30 College Community reviews SWOT and Assumptions; perform external community survey
Sept 1 PPAC reviews SWOT and Finalizes Assumptions, begins Strategic Priorities draft
Sept 2-17 College Community comments on SWOT.
Sept 16 PPAC Workshop, Warsaw 12:30-2:00, developing Strategic Priorities processes
Sept 29-Oct 25 College Community comments on final SWOT and Strategic Priorities draft
Sept 29 PPAC meets to finalize Strategic Priorities, assign tasks to Governance and administrative committees
Oct 19-25 College Community comments on Strategic Priorities
Oct 28 PPAC meets: Finalize Strategic Priorities and review Action Items
Oct 28-Nov 11 College Community reviews Strategic Priorities and Action Items
Nov 1-22 Task Force works on Action Plan responsibility grid
Nov 18 PPAC meets: Review Action Items and Strategic Plan
Nov 22-Dec 8 College Community Final Comments on full Strategic Plan
January 4 PPAC meets for final comments on full Strategic Plan
January 12 College Board Endorsement
January 17 Final 2011-2015 RCC Strategic Plan Published
January 24 Executive Staff & VP Council retreat to incorporate Strategic Priorities into unit plans
February PPAC leads discussion to implement planning activities
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