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Strategic Planning Assumptions – 2010-2011


  • RCC’s current mission and vision will continue to guide its planning.
  • RCC will remain a comprehensive community college, offering transfer and occupational programs at the career studies, certificate, and associate degree levels, as well as non-credit instruction for industry and personal interest.
  • The academic program will promote student success through high quality instruction, strong developmental studies, expert faculty advising, nurturing student services and counseling support, and supplemental programs such as student support services.
  • The workforce and community development center will continue to provide the region with high quality, cost effective, and responsive programs.
  • There will be workplace attrition, as through retirements, and RCC must adequately recruit and develop individuals who add value to its community.
  • RCC will value and pursue efficiencies through increased productivity.
  • RCC will devote appropriate resources to professional development as we re-engineer our workplace.
  • Enrollment should continue to grow at a rate of at least 6 percent each year through 2015.
  • RCC will continue to assess its curriculum and to assure that it is offering high-demand, high quality programs for its region.
  • Private fundraising and grant awards are essential to excellent and sustainable RCC programs. Significant endowment growth, annual fund growth, and community involvement are essential.
  • Safety and security of students and staff are paramount concerns.
  • Degree and certificate completion will be a more important resource driver for the college.
  • Expansion of campus facilities is imperative for the long term ability of RCC to serve well and meet student preparation needs.
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