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Letter from the President

In Summer 2010, Rappahannock Community College began its process to create a new Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 with the goal of supporting the Virginia Community College System plan, Achieve 2015.  The President’s Planning Advisory Council (PPAC), a college governance committee charged with facilitating the planning process and assuring institutional effectiveness, led this effort.  Initially, the college institutional research director provided data to describe the college’s current strengths and weaknesses, and the college community used this as a basis to develop its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis in early fall.

The college mission was reviewed extensively by the college community by special meeting and electronic comment.  The current mission statement was approved by the local college board on March 10, 2010.

The PPAC group assured broad college community input through holding open committee meetings and pursuing input at every stage through the college intranet (iRCC).  The enclosed timeframe and related documents demonstrate that much discussion ensured, wherein Strategic Priorities were developed for the college, with activities and measures attached.  These Strategic Priorities will be addressed during the next four years by each annual plan developed by the president and operational units at the college.  PPAC will review progress on Priorities and make suggestions concerning implementation.

The RCC Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 describes the planning process and all of the documents resulting from that process.  The college community examined data carefully and, happily, developed a strategic approach to improving student learning and overall institutional effectiveness, highlighting information learned through the college’s First Year Experience (FYE) initiative.  The college also involved external constituents through a community survey and review by citizen’s advisory committee members and local board members. RCC is confident that its Strategic Priorities will further enhance the student learning experience.  The college is devoted to using data to define and improve its processes.  It is also committed to using the college governance structure to gain widespread involvement, review, and improvement.

Respectfully submitted,
signed Elizabeth Crowther

Elizabeth Hinton Crowther
RCC President

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