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Student Success Council (SSC)

The Student Success Council (SSC) is a governance committee of the college.


The purpose of the Student Success Council is to 1) oversee college-wide institutional assessment efforts that improve student success through high-quality educational experiences; and 2) maintain compliance with accreditation standards.  The Student Success Council directs activities for 1) identifying expected outcomes of educational programs, administrative support services, academic and student support services, and community/public service; 2) assessing the extent to which outcomes are achieved; 3) analyzing results ; and 4)  recommending improvements based on results analysis.

In 2013-14, SSC will:

  1. Prepare the SACSCOC  fifth-year report.
  2. Develop college-wide success indicators with targets.
  3. Oversee and facilitate evaluation of distance and off-site education, ensuring that the rigor and quality of instruction are comparable regardless of delivery method.
  4. Support instructional excellence by championing improvements indicated by thorough assessments.

 2013-14 Membership

  • Donna Alexander, co-chair
  • Ruth Greene, co-chair
  • Johnny Cornett
  • Holly Dixson, recorder
  • Robert Griffin
  • Glenda Haynie
  • Anne Kornegay
  • Kim McManus
  • Patricia Mullins
  • Petie Norris
  • Felicia Packett
  • Bob Parker
  • Jason Perry
  • Charles Smith
  • Leslie Smith
  • Lisa Tuckey, convener
  • Carolyn Ward


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