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What is Distance Learning?

What is Distance Learning?

The distance learning program was developed as a result of the RCC Mission.

Distance Learning is an education format (course, certificate, degree,or other) that allows a student to complete all or most of his or her program from a remote location (home, office, laptop or desktop wherever there is Internet access). Distance Learning courses receive the same credit as a student that completes the program on campus. These courses require that students take on much of the responsibility for their learning in an independent format while being directed or facilitated by the instructor throughout the course.

Through asynchronous and synchronous delivery the instructor and student create their own classroom using the Internet or video conferencing. These options are designed to increase access to educational opportunities.

Types of courses offered at RCC
Online Courses Asynchronous courses where the instructor and the students are separated not only by distance but often by time as well. Some Online courses are taught via the Internet through Blackboard an online course management tool and may make use of CDROM technology, videos, or computers in other ways to enhance or teach the course. These courses require proficiency in accessing the Internet and in sending/receiving e-mail including attachments. All courses require a minimum of two proctored tests at an RCC site and the use of e-mail as a communication tool. Students must either have Internet access at home or work or have access to RCC computers. Online courses are also found in the schedule with section number of 63-64.
Hybrid Courses Hybrid Courses are a blend of traditional and distance learning courses. “Hybrid” is the name commonly used nationwide to describe courses that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with course learning online. These courses will use a significant amount of time with course learning online and, as a result, reduce the amount of classroom seat time. Out of class time will be delivered through technology at the convenience of the student. Hybrid course are found in the schedule with the HYB icon. These courses require a first class meeting, where each instructor will give the specifics of when and how often they will meet on campus.
Interactive Video Courses Synchronous courses that are delivered at RCC via Interactive video. Interactive video courses are more like traditional courses. Class attendance is required; however, they are more flexible in that the students may attend the campus most convenient to them, Warsaw, Glenns, and occasionally other distant sites. Interactive Video classes are just that-students and faculty interact over high speed communication lines and televisions. These courses are found in the schedule with IV (Interactive Video). Interactive Video courses have orientation at the first class meeting. To identify these courses in the class schedule, look for the IV icon throughout the schedule with section number of 66-69 & 84.
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