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Faculty’s Role

Faculty members serve as mentors, guides, or facilitators for your online learning experience.  Faculty will encourage students to think outside of the box and promote thought in areas such as online discussion, graded assignments, feedback on assignments and answers to questions students have about course content. 

Distance Learning Faculty are expected:

  • respond to student’s email at least 24-48 hrs. Monday – Friday.
  • post virtual office hours or on-campus office hours .
  • provide support to students in need of tutoring services (when available).
  • drop students from courses during add/drop periods for non-participation in course.
  • to use employee email when communicating with students and staff at RCC (
  • to post final grades in the student information system during grade due dates.
  • to post announcements in Blackboard to communicate with online students about course content.
  • to use Blackboard to post Announcements, Contact Information and Syllabus in course site.
  • adhere to the faculty handbook and all security and safety procedures at RCC.
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