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Information for Parents of RCC Students

Welcome to Rappahannock Community College.  Parents are an integral part of a student’s success and a vital part of the RCC community.  You’ve been through a lot with your child’s education and have always been interested in their progress and we know you want that to continue.  It is no wonder that recent research bears out that parents are the number ONE influencer in their children’s success in their education.

Now it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter called “My son or my daughter’s college years.” It will be a new and rewarding experience. Parents report many differences in their ability to be involved with their children through college than in high school, but the most dramatic difference is that access to information about students at college may not be as readily available as it was during their high school years. This has left many parents feeling isolated from their children’s college lives and therefore concerned about how to help and support their children.   We hope this web site will help increase your knowledge and confidence about your student’s new chapter at Rappahannock Community College. It is meant to:

  • Educate parents about resources at the college to support student success
  • Help parents know what services are available  
  • Help parents learn how to instruct their students on where to go for assistance
  • Help parents fit into and understand their student’s lives at college

We know that your child trusts you and comes to you for advice and that you intend to remain engaged in their lives for as long as you can – that is wonderful.  We hope the information presented here will do all that is mentioned above and will not only help you feel that you are not being left behind, but also help you feel that you are appreciated and welcomed here at RCC.  

May the two years (more or less) that your child spends here at RCC, close to home, be a rewarding and fulfilling experience!

Thanks for choosing RCC!

Robert Griffin

Dean of Student Development


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