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Tutoring Services are available to students enrolled in credit courses at RCC. Students who are experiencing academic difficulty may request tutoring by completing an online request or request a tutor through the Student Development office. Student development staff will evaluate a student’s course grades and attendance, previous efforts to obtain assistance from the course instructor and available online resources, and the availability of tutors who have the skills and training to provide assistance. Contact the Student Development Office for more information at 804-758-6730.

Online Tutoring

RCC students now have online access to tutoring services through NetTutor®. Students will be guided by online tutors in Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Developmental Math, or English 111 & 112. For more information on NetTutor®, please contact Lorraine A. Justice, Director of Student Support Services in the Student Development Office at 804-333-6737 or by email at

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