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Transfer Planning and Guaranteed Admission Agreements

Students pursuing the Associate of Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree and related specializations (AA&S) are candidates for transfer to four year colleges and universities upon degree completion and graduation. Students who graduate from RCC with an associate’s degree and a minimum grade point average may obtain guaranteed admission to colleges and universities participating in Guaranteed Admission Agreements (GAAs) with the Virginia Community College System. Current agreements are available for review on the RCC website at  It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand the terms and conditions of GAAs with their four year college or university of choice.

Students should be aware that the most important contact for discussing transfer is the transfer officer at the four-year college or university of their choice; contact with this individual should be made early in the student’s academic career at RCC to ensure that the student is selecting courses appropriate for transfer to the college and academic program of their choice.  Many colleges and universities require a letter of intent to transfer after a student completes 15 credit hours at RCC.  Because every college has different requirements, it is strongly recommended that students research the college or university of their choice using either the Virginia Wizard or the specific college/university website.

Counselors and faculty advisors are also available to help students plan for transferring to a four year college or university. The counselors and faculty advisors can help students assess factors to be considered in making transfer choices (for example, admissions standards, school size, application deadlines, number of hours and courses accepted for transferring, etc.).

Students completing Associate of Applied Science Degrees that lead to employment may be eligible to transfer to degree completion programs offered by four year colleges and universities through special articulation agreements. Students in these programs should consult their faculty advisor or a counselor for further information.

This page was reviewed on June 11, 2013, updated on May 23, 2014. If you are looking for previous catalog information, please reference the 2008-2010 Catalog, 2010-2012 Catalog, or 2013-2014 Catalog.

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