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Admission of Students On the Sexual Offender Registry

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act is a federal law that provides the tracking of convicted, registered sex offenders that are enrolled, employed, or who volunteer at higher education institutions. The Act amends the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act and the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. These amendments require that sex offenders, who are already required to register in a state, provide notice of any enrollment, employment, and volunteerism at any and all higher education institutions within that state. In addition, higher education institutions are required to issue a statement advising the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 requires all colleges to issue a statement advising the campus community where information on registered sex offenders can be obtained. The Virginia State Police Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry website provides information about registered sex offenders. This site is maintained by the Virginia State Police and provides information about registered sex offenders in RCC’s service area and in the state of Virginia. Upon accessing the Web site, click on the “sex offender registry” link for relevant information pertaining to registered sex offenders.

Section 23-2.2:1 of the Code of Virginia requires that the VCCS send enrollment information to the Virginia State Police concerning applicants to institutions of higher education. This information is transmitted electronically and compared against the Virginia Criminal Information Network Crime Information Center Convicted Sexual Offender Registry. Language on the College’s electronic Admissions Application informs applicants that their information is being transmitted to the State Police.

In the event that that an applicant to RCC is listed on the Sex Offender Registry, the following procedures apply:

The applicant will be denied admission to RCC in accordance with its admission policy as published in its catalog: The College reserves the right to evaluate special cases and to refuse admission to applicants when it is considered advisable in the best interest of the college.

  1. If the applicant registers for classes and becomes a student before the college received notification, the student will be immediately informed that he/she is being dropped from classes and will receive a refund.
  2. An applicant may invoke his/her right to an appeal process.

Appeal Process for Denial of Admission or Withdrawal for Convicted Sex Offender
When a convicted sex offender is denied admission to, or is administratively dropped from classes at RCC, he/she will receive a letter from the dean of student development stating his/her denial of admission or administrative drop from classes. After receiving the notification, he/she may invoke the following appeal process:

A. The applicant/withdrawn student may write a letter of appeal to the dean of student development in which he/she provides the following information:

  1. Disclosure of the nature of the offense for which he/she has been convicted;
  2. Justification for consideration of admission/reinstatement;
  3. Statement acknowledging his/her understanding that his/her identity and status as a convicted sex offender will be publicized on the college campus in accordance with federal and state law if he/she is admitted or reinstated.

Note: If a student is appealing a denial of admission or an administrative drop, he/she must submit the letter of appeal to the dean of student development within seven (7) calendar days of the administrative drop or denial of admission, as noted in the letter of notification.

Once a letter of appeal (meeting all criteria above) is received from an applicant or withdrawn student, the following process is engaged/invoked/begins:

B. The Threat Assessment Committee will review the information submitted and make a decision by a simple majority vote within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the letter of appeal. The dean of student development will request that the TAT be convened.

C. The dean of student development will inform the applicant/dropped student by letter of the decision of the committee. The decision of the committee shall be final.

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