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Personnel – Staff

Adams, Heather H.
Purchasing Technician

Acree, Mark
HVAC Technician

Anthony, Michael R.
I. T. Security Analyst

Beaver, Mark P.
Facilities Manager 

Beaver, Rebecca S.

Bremar, Tina
Administrative Assistant to Coordinator for Workforce and Community Development

Broaddus, Susan S.
Business Manager

Brooks, Bernard C.
Buildings & Grounds Technician 

Brown, Mary Frances
Financial Aid Technician

Carr, Jennifer
Administrative Assistant to Dean of Health Sciences

Charity, Sherika
Interim Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Officer

Charnick, Wayne
Housekeeping Services

Coker, Gwendolyn J.
Administrative Specialist to Vice President of Finance and Administration Services 

Courtney, Robert G.
Evening Programs Coordinator 

Cralle, J. Marlene
Administrative Assistant to Warsaw Campus Dean 

Dixson, Holly
Administrative Assistant to Glenns Campus Dean

Drotleff, Sharon S.
Administrative Specialist to Dean of College Advancement

George, Sherry L.
Payroll Specialist

Hackett, Julisa
Career Coach

Haydon, James
Buildings & Grounds Technician

Henderson, Sandy S.
Admissions Technician

Hill, Sherrie
Regional Specialist

Hoffman, Timothy
Instructional and Learning Management Technologist

Hornbeck, Michelle H.
Accounting Specialist 

Johnson, Paulina D.
Acquisitions Specialist 

Kerr, Connie M.
Housekeeping Services Technician

King, Bridgit
Human Resources Analyst

Kost, Alexandra
Administrative Assistant to Dean of Student Development

Lane, James
Housekeeping Services

Leonard, John
Buildings & Grounds Technician 

Lewis, Karen G.
Administrative Assistant to Student Support Services Program 

Lewter, Richard P.
Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, Glenns Campus 

Magruder, Julie 
College Receptionist

Mann, Sharon W.
Business Office Technician 

Martin, Thomas E.
Public Information Manager

Miller, Rebecca L.
College Success Coach

Mitchell, Samuel C.
Housekeeping Services 

Moore-Johnson, Shirley 
College Receptionist  

Newsome, David C. 
Network Operations Manager   

Packett, Felicia B. 
College Registrar 

Parker, Terry B. 
Housekeeping Services Technician  

Pearce, Robert L. 
Buildings & Grounds Technician 

Peebles, Harry S.
Network Technician   

Pesola, Eric

Pittman, Pamela B.
Admissions Technician 

Polk, Theresa M. 
Admissions Technician

Rest, Martha J. 
Administrative Specialist to Vice President of Instruction and Student Development

Reynolds, Clyde 

Stamper, Chris 
Administrative Staff Specialist to the President

Stelter, Caroline W. 
Human Resource Manager

Taylor, Dean   
Student Activities Specialist

Taylor, Linda M. 
Library Circulation Manager   

Turner, Karen 
King George Site Supervisor 

Turner, Nicole 
College Success Coach 

Walker, Kristy K. 
Administrative Assistant for Technology and Distance Learning 

Wallace, Dorothy E. 
Testing Technician 

Washington, Anthony A. 
Database Manager/EFI Fiscal Specialist   

Washington, Jessica
College Success Coach

Whitney, Robert V. 

Williams, William

Witt, Elizabeth  
 Lead Career Coach

Wolski, Joseph 
Network Technician

Wood, Kendra 
Student Services Specialist

Wright, Susan 
Accounts Payable Specialist

This page was reviewed on June 11, 2013, updated on July 15, 2014. If you are looking for previous catalog information, please reference the 2008-2010 Catalog, 2010-2012 Catalog, or 2013-2014 Catalog.

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