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Blackboard is the college’s online course management tool that allows students access to course information such as announcements, syllabi, calendars and deadlines, other course requirements, and links to college resources and services. All students have access to Blackboard via the MyRCC single sign-on. All courses at RCC use the Blackboard system. Instructors make the course materials available for students in Blackboard by the first day of class. Students can locate tutorials on how to navigate Blackboard on the RCC website. Students will be able to download free antivirus software and locate student computing discounts in the Blackboard system. Student announcements and general college information are posted regularly. Students should check announcements in Blackboard at least once a week.

In addition to using Blackboard, students have access to Blackboard Instant Messaging. All students can use Blackboard IM to communicate with their instructor and other students within their course. Information on creating a Blackboard IM account can be located on the RCC website.

This page was reviewed on June 11, 2013, updated on May 19, 2013. If you are looking for previous catalog information, please reference the 2008-2010 Catalog, 2010-2012 Catalog, or 2013-2014 Catalog.

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