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How Financial Need is Determined

To qualify for financial aid, students must demonstrate financial need, which is defined as the difference between the cost of attendance and the expected family contribution. The expected family contribution is determined by information provided on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Every student budget is based on the cost of attendance for students who meet specific domicile or program criteria. The cost of attendance is determined as follows:

Item Cost
Average Tuition and Fees  $3,088
Books and Supplies $1,300
Living Expenses $8,586
Transportation $2,326
Cost of Attendance*  $15,300

*This cost of attendance is based on 2013-14 figures. The cost of attendance changes annually. The illustration above is for an in-state student. Average cost of attendance figures for each year may be obtained from the financial aid office. Individuals with questions about cost of attendance used in calculation of their aid award should contact the financial aid office.

This page was reviewed on June 11, 2013, updated on May 29, 2013. If you are looking for previous catalog information, please reference the 2008-2010 Catalog, 2010-2012 Catalog, or 2013-2014 Catalog.

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