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General Education Certificate

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Length: 2 Semesters

The General Education Certificate is designed to provide student working for the AA&S transfer degree with an academic credential recognizing their completion of a specific course of study that leads to that degree. Students in other degree programs can also complete the general education certificate. The program provides a strong foundation in the core competency areas and provides students with an advantage in transferring to a four-year institution over others who have not completed a college program of study. Students completing the General Education Certificate are strongly encouraged to continue their studies and complete the associate degree prior to transferring.

Admission Requirements
In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into this program requires proficiency in English, mathematics, and reading. Students who do not meet entry requirements, or whose placement test scores indicate a need for further preparation, will be placed in the appropriate developmental studies courses in English, mathematics, and/or reading. These developmental course credits do not apply toward degrees or certificates. Students required to take two or more developmental courses will need additional semesters to complete any program.

Program Requirements
This curriculum should provide sufficient flexibility to meet first year requirements for a variety of majors at most colleges and universities.

General Ed First Semester Curriculum
# Title Lecture Lab Credit
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
MTH Approved Transfer Math1 3 0 3
HIS Approved Transfer History2 3 0 3
Approved Transfer Lab Science3 3 3 4
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 0 1
Approved Transfer Humanities4 3 0 3
Semester Total 16 3 17
General Ed Second Semester Curriculum
# Title Lecture Lab Credit
ENG 112 College Composition II 3 0 3
HIS Approved Transfer History2 3 0 3
Approved Transfer Lab Science3 3 3 4
Approved Transfer Humanities4 3 0 3
Approved Transfer Social Science5 3 0 3
Semester Total 15 3 16
Total Minimum Credits: 33

In selecting courses, students should seek the advice of a counselor or academic advisor in order to assure that courses taken are consistent with transfer or career goals.

1 Math courses numbered 150 or above

2 HIS 121, 122, 111, 112, 101, 102

3 BIO 101, 102, CHM 101, 102, CHM 111, 112, PHY 201, 202, GOL 105, GOL 111, GOL 112

4 ART 100, 101 and 102, HUM, MUS, PHI, REL


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