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Career Studies Certificates

Program Conditions

Career studies program options are developed and implemented as community needs are identified and as institutional resources permit.  Normally, courses which are associated with the various program options may be offered when all the following conditions are met:

  1. justifiable student enrollment;
  2. adequate facilities available on or off campus;
  3. qualified instructors available; and
  4. adequate financial resources available.

The flexibility of the option approach provides for the activation or deactivation of program options depending upon the above factors.

Length: Variable (9 to 29 semester hours)


A significant percentage of the student population served by the community college consists of adult part-time students, usually taking courses offered during the evening hours.

Many adult students seek post-secondary programs of study that are shorter than the conventional one- or two-year programs designed primarily for full-time students. Many occupational, industrial, or adult-interest areas do not typically require a certificate or a two-year degree.

The career studies certificate program is a response to these short-term occupational and avocational training needs of many in the region.

These programs are based on a series of condensed and specialized curricular options representing a wide variety of occupational and academic course areas that can be covered with the minimum amount of college course work. Each program option is designed as a distinct “mini-curriculum” within a broader range of educational possibilities.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the career studies certificate program is based on the general requirements for admission to the college. Students with deficiencies in general education may require developmental studies.  The part-time student is expected to select one of the available program options during admission and registration.

Traditional financial aid generally is not available to students enrolled in career studies certificate programs.  Information on other funding opportunities (scholarships and grants) is available from the financial aid office or the counseling office on either campus.

Program Requirements

The career studies certificate curriculum includes selected specialized courses within each program option. The range of course credits varies between the program options from a minimum of nine semester credits to a maximum of 29 semester credits.

Upon satisfactory completion of one of the program options, the student will receive a career studies certificate. Students may earn more than one certificate as program option requirements are satisfied.

A list of our Career Studies Certificates can be found here.

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