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How to Create an Elevator Speech

The elevator pitch is the key ingredient in your successful pursuit of a career. Think of it as an animated business card. This short, thirty second to two minute speech holds all of the information that you believe is crucial in order for others gain an understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of. When you finally have the opportunity to express what makes you unique, it is imperative that you take advantage of the situation. In the world of immediate communication, your ability to convey key facets of your personality in a brief time period is a requirement. This is not just an option. It is an absolute necessity. Keep the following tips in mind and you will be sure to succeed.

1. Make eye contact. And always address the individual by his or her proper name. Old-fashioned manners can have a major impact from the beginning.

2. Know your audience. Better yet, research them. Find out who they are and how that is relevant to you. Knowing that you have done your homework will make you confident when the time comes to speak.

3. Emphasize key personality traits. You know that you have many strengths. However, it is important to focus on those that will appeal to this particular audience.

4. Prepare an outline. You may want to consider responding to the following questions when delivering your elevator pitch.

a. What are your key strengths or positive qualities?

b. What do you have to offer?

c. Why are you interested in this company or, more generally, this industry?

d. How do you work efficiently to solve problems.

e. What unique contributions will you make?

5. Perfect your pitch. Finalize a cohesive elevator pitch, ensuring that it can be easily followed and that it flows smoothly.

6. Be prepared. Answer any follow up questions the listeners may have.

7. Keep in touch. Provide the listener with contact information.

Never underestimate the potential of networking. Starting off on the wrong foot can prevent you   from achieving your goals. Don’t ruin your chance for success. Although preparation is an important first step, the best way to guarantee an effective elevator pitch is through practice and feedback. Use InterviewStream today to work on this skill!
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