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Let the Virginia Education Wizard help you choose a career, get the information you need to pursue your career, find the college that is right for you, pay for college, transfer from a community college to a university, and get answers to your questions about your future.

VA Wizard App
A new smart phone application or app now allows students to access the Wizard website quickly and easily on their mobile devices.  While it does not replicate the Wizard website, the mobile app allows you to quickly access much of the website content from your mobile device.  By using the Virginia Education Wizard, students can complete personalized assessments, explore careers, estimate and compare college costs, find and apply for financial aid and scholarships, plan their transfer from community colleges to four- year colleges, and apply for admission to community colleges.    

Download the app on your phone or mobile device by following the links below:

You must be on a Wi-Fi network during your initial install.   


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