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Developmental Math Redesign

What is Developmental Math Redesign?

Developmental Math Redesign refers to a change that will be implemented through the Virginia Community College system (VCCS) effective spring 2012 semester.  The three developmental math classes traditionally taught at RCC, MTH 02 Basic Arithmetic, MTH 03 Basic Algebra I, and MTH 04 Basic Algebra II will be discontinued

These classes will be replaced by nine one-credit math units that will contain the mathematics objectives and concepts in which entering college students should be proficient in order to be prepared for college level math, science, and other courses.  The new math units will be identified as MTE, which stands for Math Essentials.  Each unit will be 1 credit.  These are developmental credits and do not count toward completion of a college program.  

New Developmental Math Prefix

Math Essential (MTE ) units will be grouped into 1, 2, 3, or 4 credit classes so that students can sign up for just the number of units they need. 

Click here to see a description of the MTE units and how they compare to the old MTH 02, 03, and 04 courses. 

Click here for information on how to transition from old to new developmental math courses and how to determine college math prerequisites.

The course prefix for developmental math courses will be MTT(math taught through technology)
The numeral following the MTT prefix refers to the number of units (also credits) in the course.  Each unit is designed to be completed in not more than 4 weeks

The following course numbers are available:
MTT 4 (4 credits/1 semester) is for students who need 4 or more developmental units (modules) to meet their credit course prerequisites.

MTT 3 (3 credits/12 week session) is for students who need exactly 3 developmental units (modules) to meet their credit course prerequisites.

MTT 2 (2 credits/8 week session) is for students who need exactly 2 developmental units (modules) to meet their credit course prerequisites.

MTT 1 (1 credit/4 week session) is for students who need exactly 1 developmental unit (module) to meet their credit course prerequisites.

Instructional Method

MTT courses will be taught in computer labs through computer-based, interactive programmed instruction.  Classes will be supported by an instructor with additional support from a lab assistant.  Instruction is individualized; different students in the class may be working on different units.  A dedicated math lab is designated at both Glenns and Warsaw campuses to support students in the developmental math process.  All developmental math classes will be conducted in these math labs.  During times when no classes are scheduled in the labs, the lab will be open to developmental math students to work on their math coursework and a lab assistant will be on duty to provide help. 

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